Immigration Law

Figuring out the complexities of immigration law is an overwhelming experience. This is especially true of immigrants who are not accustomed to the United States legal system. Whether you wish to secure a tourist, student, or fiancee visa, or wish to adjust your status to that of a legal permanent resident by obtaining a green card, or wish to apply for citizenship, you need an advocate who will be by your side throughout the process.

In the area of immigration law, our services include:

Immigrant Visas                                                                                  Non-Immigrant Visas
Family Sponsored Visa(I-130)                                                          Business Visa (B-1)
PERM Labor Certification Visa                                                         Visitors Visa (B-2)
Employment Bases Visa (EB-1/EB-2)                                             Student Visa (F-1)
Violence Against Women Act Visa (VAWA)                                  Fiancee Visa (K-1)
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Visa                                        Skilled Workers Visa (L-1B)
Diversity Visa Program-Lottery (DV-2014)                                  Extraordinary Ability Visa (O-1)
Extraordinary Ability Visa (EB-1A)                                                  Entertainers Visa (P-1)
Professors/Researchers Visa (EB-1B)                                            Religious Workers Visa