Traffic Infractions

It is never a good sign when the red and blue lights flash in your rear view mirror. As careful as you may drive, you may find yourself being handed a ticket for a traffic infractions – speeding, running a red light, or for the infamous “California roll” (where your car tires roll past the stop sign paint). While traffic tickets do not seem like a serious matter, they may have dire financial consequences – from increased penalty assessments to higher auto insurance rates. When you find yourself being handed a ticket for a traffic infraction, do not despair. Contact us and we will assess every available means in order to secure a dismissal.

In the area of traffic infractions, our services include:

  • Running a red light
  • Going above the speed limit
  • Running a stop sign
  • Camera tickets
  • talking/messaging while driving
  • Driving without proof of financial responsibility
  • Driving without a drivers license
  • Driving with excessively tinted windows
  • Littering while driving

TIP: While many drivers challenge a ticket without an attorney, legal assistance can significantly increase the chances of beating the ticket.